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Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Backhand Push

Backhand Push.

                     Backhand push is one of the easiest  if not the easiest stroke to master. It is design to cause difficulties for the opponent to attack. Short and low push limits your opponent’s options and allows you to take initiative.

                There is hardly any body movement involved in the stroke and it is produced at the elbows, with the bat facing the ceiling. The bat travels forward and downwards direction and stroking the ball between 6 o’clock and 9 o’clock as figure below shows:

Even though it is easy stroke to master a certain amount of control is required in order not place the ball in the middle of the table. It is easy spot for the opponent to start attack and take initiative. The best result is achieved if the ball is placed low and short or long, close to the edge of the table.
Control can be achieved by playing the stroke close to the body and using elbow and wrist. Use of the shoulders and weight transfer is not as important as it is in drive strokes due to the fact of minimal power and speed required in the stroke. The amount of spin can be controlled by position of the bat at the contact with the ball. The closer to 6 o’clock position the slower and the spinier the bounce is. Aversely the closer to 9 o’clock position the less and the faster the bounce is.
Many beginning players make a mistake by learning to push only across the diagonal but it is vitally important to execute the shot with the same effectiveness down the three major lines of play.  Major lines of play are: across the diagonal, down the line and into the middle.
To develop control and accuracy with that stroke a various targets can be used or alternatively you can cover up area you don’t want to play by using towel. As with forehand push it is also good to practice with different amount of spin in order to keep your opponent on his toes and let him guess the amount of spin.